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useless chase, outsize wingspan © stead

it includes mp3 320 Kbps / digital artwork / lyrics / photos & credits

Out on December 8th 2018 on CD digisleeve and digital download


mastered by alex gordon (abbey road studios) in london (uk)

mixed by jeff knowler (jak sound) in london (uk) *
produced by stefano antoci d’agostino and giuliano dottori


* “ej, outsize wingspan” engineered  by andreas laudwein

all lyrics and music written by stefano antoci d‘agostino // album concept, artwork, photos & videos by ivan louis laremi // drawings by jasmine de gobbi

recorded at home deptford, london (uk) by stefano antoci d’agostino and at jacuzi studio, milan / la porcilaia studio, cupramontana (it) by giuliano dottori **

stefano antoci d'agostino: voice, guitars, piano, organ, drums, percussions, harmonica, programming, background vocals and a few more things // giuliano dottori: synth, bass, drums, programming, keys, percussions, additional guitars and some other stuff  // francesco saverio gliozzi: cello // additional background vocals on most songs by Andrea Rodini 


** bass on “riverlike” + akai, additional gtr on “pledge” recorded/performed by marco tiberini in malmoe, se // beat programming on “pledge” recorded & performed by massimiliano galli in dublin, irl // background vocals on “mirrors” recorded & performed by julia a. noack in berlin, de // bass, drums, programming on “ej, outsize wingspan” recorded & performed by andreas laudwein in leipzig, de

Stead is the solo project of singer / songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Stefano Antoci D'Agostino. "Ucow" is his second full-length release as Stead and it follows the debut "Rough", produced by Cesare Basile and released in 2012.

Stefano Antoci D'Agostino lives in Deptford, London UK, where, as early childhood music educator, has founded and operates "Frogprince Baby Music", a live-music concept for nurseries, community centres and children under the age of 5.   Since 2016 "Time  Out" lists Frogprince Baby Music amongst the 15 most interesting activities running, for children under 5, in the capital. 

Ucow: production process, mix and mastering

A first stage of production was curated by the singer/songwriter himself who recorded, performed and engineered at home (Deptford, London, UK) most vocals, guitars, pianos, drums, percussions, harmonicas, programming and various other instruments. Cello was recorded and engineered in Milan with the help of cellist
Francesco Saverio Gliozzi


A further stage saw Italian-Canadian producer Giuliano Dottori revising and re-engineering songs at his studios in Milan and Cupramontana (Italy); bass guitar, synths and electronic beats were added and a refining work was carried on guitars, keys, drums and percussions.

The album was mixed by Jeff Knowler at Jak Sound, Barnet and mastered by Abbey Road Studios mastering engineer Alex Gordon. London, UK, Oct/2018. 

Stefano Antoci D'Agostino
Stefano Antoci D'Agostino
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